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@sammiekeimmas and I got booze-a-lattes. 😎
Hello I am wearing red
@lukemouradian and I do cool things and he takes pictures of me being awkward while doing the cool things. πŸ’•
Babe took this today
Go. Why wouldn’t you? #weekendnachos
Picking up stones for toddler crafts never looked so creepy. 
πŸ“·: @lukemouradian
It’s gonna be a good day when it starts out with coop B&G and nature walks with the babe and will end with Weekend Nachos at Club Timbuktu  πŸ™Œ
#tbt dying slowly
This is happening. Among other cool things.
Mourning the soon to be loss of my second third eye. Rejection is a bitch. Maybe third time will be a charm but regardless I think this means forehead tattoos in the near future.
park fun 2day πŸ’•πŸŒ³πŸŒΏπŸƒ
Anonymous: Does it ever make you feel sad that you couldn't make it work out with your babydaddy?

It makes me sad that we both have to deal with the woes of parenting without each other, but it doesn’t make me sad that he isn’t in my life romantically and I know that our relationship where it stands now is the most beneficial for Zora, Benny and I. He is seeing someone who’s better for him, I’m seeing someone who’s better for me than him, and him and I can focus on being the best parents we can be separately without letting our personal issues get in the way. There’s certain things I miss about Benny, we had a lot of really memorable experiences together and he really helped make me who I am today. It makes me happy that he is Zora’s father, I couldn’t ask for a better human to help raise our daughter.

Posted 16 Sep
Anonymous: What do you smell like on a daily basis? Do you wear perfume?

I used to wear juicy but then I ran out and now I just smell like me idk.

Posted 16 Sep